Crush #1

The boat race is a HUGE British tradition, not entirely sure why British anymore when only 3 men out of the whole 2 crews were British but there we have it, a quite upper class display of the multicultural society we live in nowadays. However this is not the point of the post. Every year without fail I sit down and use it as an excuse to pick out my future husband midst the tall, handsome, intelligent young men with great prospects. This year I decided my future husband would be… Stephen Dudek. A fine specimen of a man of which you should all google and proceed to ogle over because one picture isn’t enough! I personally don’t think they come much better than him dedicated to sport and studies and completely respected my his peers enough to become President of the club. #dreamboat #dreamy #iamadreamer

Anyway essentially I feel this revelation has given me the perfect excuse to a) take up rowing, a sport which my natural build genuinely is perfect for and b) make the trip to visit my best friend in Cambridge which I am yet to do!

All my love,

Cheeky glance from Steve ;)

Cheeky glance from Steve 😉

Caramel xo


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