Crush #2 – Screenschot Saga

So this isnt a blog all about men. My next crush comes in the form of an incredibly useful tool on the iPhone the ‘screenshot’. Last night when I was with some old school friends watching the masters snoreeeeee I know I received an incredibly interesting and somewhat insightful screenshot.

A guy who I coincidentally met on tinder (which is a whole other story I will save for a later blog) was talking to a girl, I genuinely did not know existed but goes to my university, about me. She was going mental at me calling me a ‘bucket’, ‘rapey’ and a ‘bitch’. Now don’t get me wrong I can come on a bit strong but I HAVE NEVER MET THE GIRL and tinder is a dating/flirting app, seriously what did she think would happen after this rant about me… he would proceed to ask her on a date to the local wagamamas. I. Think. Not. 

Anyway obviously I Facebooked messaged her, after luckily getting her surname off someone else I was with who recognized her picture, and sent her some belittling but not untrue Facebook messages. She grovelled and apologized but because of the screenshot I will forever have her awful tyrant on my phone and I’m sure she knows that. 

So this is my warning bloggers be careful what you write, once that message is screenshotted it’s anyone’s for the taking!

All my love from a very angry and now slightly more judgmental blogger,

Caramel xo


Just some of the nastiness


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