Crush #3 – People who know what they’re doing

Anyway the two people who knew what they were doing what they were doing in this story (not my date I hasten to mention;)) were firstly the man at the station who, because all the trains were completely messed up running into London, was able to give me a reduced ticket price, find the quickest route for me to do the journey and print off a personalised itinerary. Who even knew this was a thing which happened, however I do question that if I wasn’t a fairly attractive 20 year old girl would I have been given the same treatment. Either way he certainly knew what he was doing.

On arrival to the guy’s house I was visiting I was given my second roast dinner of the day! Although taste wise it was no match for my mums dinner with all the trimmings but on finding out that my dates dad had grown everything I had eaten, (including the berries in the crumble cute I know) on his allotment I kind of appreciated it way more. He certainly knows what he’s doing and I kinda wanna be able to be that practical when I grow up… yes I am 20 but consider myself a child to, a product of my middle class, university, jobless and somewhat spoilt environment… god I sound like a twat.  

Anyway hope everyone has had a great easter!

All my love,

Caramel xo



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